Doctor Who Asset Management System

Doctor Who Asset Management System

Doctor Who Asset Management System

In 2010 Resolution Creative were commissioned by BBC Worldwide to develop a bespoke asset management system to support partner broadcasters with a single source of distribution for essential marketing material and video surrounding the launch of Doctor Who Series seven.

Following several meetings and stages of architecture it was agreed that there should be several levels of administration for both the in-house admin and broadcast partners which would allow limited access for pre-uploaded or embargoed content until UK broadcast had been made. Due to the nature of the content, security was of the upmost importance in ensuring that all measurable steps were taken to ensure there was no unauthorised access.

On completion, the Doctor Who Asset Management System broke new ground in delivery of essential and embargoed assets to partner broadcasters. In particular during June 2010 on the launch of Doctor Who Series Seven when the Icelandic ash cloud caused the complete withdrawal of all air traffic to and from the UK. Should this system had not been available, content would have been impossible to supply.


BBC Worldwide

Release Date:

May 2010


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